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Mighty Max Blows Up Dino Lab is a Doom Zone with a dinosaur theme.


Dino Lab.


Max is teleported into Dino-Lab, where Professor Zygote is re-creating dinosaurs using a Volcano Incubator. When Max attempts to flee, he is confronted by Professor Zygote himself. Max is skeptical about Zygote's creations, so Zygote decides to show him proof. Suddenly, a Pterodactyl attacks a Triceratops. Max simply goes to the Emergency Cage Release area, and pulls the lever, setting the dinosaurs free, including a Raptor. The dinosaurs all begin battling each other, frustrating Professor Zygote, who then uses a giant laser blaster to shoot at Max. However, Zygote misses, shooting the dinosaur eggs instead. While the Dino-Lab bursts into flames, Max teleports to safety, leaving Professor Zygote to his demise.


This Doom Zone includes:

  • Max
  • Professor Zygote
  • Pterodactyl
  • Raptor


  • This playset inspired the episode Zygote's Rhythm.
  • Although a triceratops is in the comic for this Doom Zone, one does not actually appear in the playset itself, other than the exterior compact.

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