The Doom Dragon is an enemy of Mighty Max, from the Doom Zone Mighty Max Slays the Doom Dragon.


The pet of Ravendark, the Doom Dragon was summoned during the battle with Max. A violent beast, the Doom Dragon tried to burn Max with his flames, but Max was too quick for him. Once Max tossed the Book of Doom into the slime pit, both Ravendark and the Doom Dragon were destroyed.

Animated SeriesEdit

The Doom Dragon appeared in the episode Let Sleeping Dragons Lie! He was awoken by Ravendark, under orders of Skullmaster, to bring about the end of the world. He discovered Norman, an old enemy of his whom he had fought before, and battled him once again. Growing bored with Norman, the Doom Dragon soon decided to lay waste to the world, splitting the earth. However, Norman managed to distract the Doom Dragon with a boulder. As soon as Ravendark realized he had been tricked by Skullmaster, he, Max, and Virgil teleported inside of the dragon and planned to put him back to sleep. The Doom Dragon, unaware and battling Norman, was suddenly turned to stone after Ravendark committed suicide. Unlike the Doom Dragon from the Doom Zone, this dragon was intelligent, treacherous, hot-headed, evil, dramatic, opportunistic, offensive, mean, devilish, relentless, abrasive, gruff, obnoxious, negative and could speak. He was voiced by Jim Cummings.