Dr. Gore

289px-Dr gore
Dr. Gore, also known as Dr. Death, is an enemy of Mighty Max, from the Doom Zone Mighty Max Escapes From Skull Dungeon.


Dr. Gore was a hunchbacked mad scientist who operated out of Skull Dungeon, where he was apparently trying to create a race of superhuman beings through reanimating dead bodies. His greatest creation was Smasher. When Max arrived to stop him, Dr. Gore quickly apprehended the Mighty One and locked him up in an upstairs cell. Max escaped however and Gore ended up chasing him around his laboratory in an effort to stop him. After Max tripped him down a flight of stairs, he used a ball and chain to smash the eyeball-shaped generator in the lab, causing the entire dungeon to blow up. Although Max teleported to safety using the Cosmic Cap, both Gore and Smasher perished in the explosion.