Ernie is a classmate of Max's in the Animated Series. He first appeared in the episode The Brain Suckers Cometh!, and is voiced by Charles Adler.


A loud, boastful nerd, Ernie is not well-liked by his classmates. As Max's computer lab partner, Ernie thought he had finally made a friend. However, Max attempted to work individually, as he thought of Ernie as obnoxious and annoying. When the Bloodsuckers tried to suck the brains of every human on Earth, Ernie aided Max in defeating them. And he is also known as even-tempered, realistic, nice, independent, extroverted, melodramatic, astute, understanding, polite, selfless, caring, outgoing, mild-mannered, playful, upbeat, tenacious, emotional, respectful, laid-back, adventurous, brave, passionate, assertive, raucous, trusting, nice, eager and relaxed.,

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