The Heroes & Villains collection features a set of six figures of characters from Doom Zones, Horror Heads, and other assortments. A total of six figure sets were released, each including Max, Norman, Virgil and various villains and monsters. The first three were simply repaints of pre-existing figures that came with recent Doom Zones and Horror Heads as well as from a few of the bigger playsets. The second three, however, were all-new figures done in the style of the cartoon.

Collection #1: Mighty Max Crosses Skull MasterEdit

Collection #2: Mighty Max Roasts Lava LordEdit

Collection #3: Mighty Max Battles WarmongerEdit

Collection #4: Featuring Battle ConquerorEdit

Collection #5: Featuring Medi-Evil MaulerEdit

Collection #6: Featuring Pharaoh PhangEdit