Skullmaster and Warmonger travel to "Zero Island" off the western coast of Africa in order to offset the balance of nature by disturbing the ancient titan. Hydra, a monster with two heads, one representing light and the other dark, keeps in balance the good and evil power of nature. Skullmaster using some of the magic of the Lemurian Arcana, causes the balance in Hydra to tip in favor of darkness. Warmonger however takes this chance to betray Skullmaster by keeping the page of control from the book for himself, and orders Hydra to destroy Skullmaster. Max, Virgil, and Norman show up in time to realize what is happening, and attempt to protect Skullmaster out of fear that it will disrupt the prophecy since Max is destined to defeat Skullmaster. They fail to protect Skullmaster who is seemingly killed, and Max is forced to use the most powerful page that they had obtained from the Arcana in order to put the light energy of Hydra back in balance. The island sinks as a result and Warmonger escapes, only to find out that Skullmaster had arranged all this to force Max to use his page of the Arcana, the one thing he feared most. Skullmaster promises that Warmonger will be rewarded for his loyalty later on.

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