Mighty Max 3-2
is a classmate of Max's in the Animated Series. She first appeared in the episode Snakes and Laddies, and is voiced by Katie Leigh.


A fan of education, Jiffy is the apple of Max's eye. Although not the typical nerd, Jiffy loves doing homework and learning new things. Max had a brief crush on Jiffy, and attempted to woo her by giving her the Ankh of Power, which had belonged to Venom. After discovering Jiffy had the Ankh, Venom sent his minions to retrieve it and brought her to his lair in Egypt. Max, Bea, and Felix traveled to save Jiffy, and succeeded in doing so by tricking Venom. After Venom summoned the Apophis, Max threw the Ankh into the giant cobra's mouth, destroying it and Venom and upsetting Jiffy. No longer infatuated with her, Max let Jiffy storm off, complaining about not being able to finish her homework.