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A Bellwether in One's CapAlong Came ArachnoidAndroid
Animated SeriesAnkh of PowerAnthrax 9
Aqua-BlasterArachnoidArak Nid
Attack SquidBasiliskBasilisk (Monster Head)
Battle CatBattle WarriorBea
Big RedBig SteggyBlood of the Dragon
Book of DoomBorisBrain Face
Bring Me the Head of Mighty MaxCastle MoyneCave Man
Cavern of DoomClown Without PityCobalt Missle
CorpseCosmic CapCreep
CryogenoidCrystal of SoulsDawn of the Conqueror
Day of the CyclopsDino-LabDoom Dragon
Doom ZoneDr. GoreDr. Toxin
DraxDread HeadElectro Manta
ErnieEye of CyclopsFelix
Fireforce SwordFlyGastric Pit
Giant ScorpionGorGrabbatron
Head CaseHeroes & VillainsHorror Head
Hover PodHydronHypnotron
Knife of NightKrillorKronosaur
Lagoon MonsterLava Beast the EnergoidLava Beetle
Lava LordLess Than 20,000 Squid Heads Under the SeaLet Sleeping Dragons Lie!
LigninLockjawLord Lupor
Lord Lupor's LieutenantMan-EaterMaster Brain
MastodonMaxMax's Mom
Mecha CrawlerMedi-Evil MaulerMega Head
Mighty Max: Into the Battle ZoneMighty Max Against Robot InvaderMighty Max Battles Skull Warrior
Mighty Max Blows Up Dino LabMighty Max Bytes CyberskullMighty Max Caught by the Man-Eater
Mighty Max Challenges Lava BeastMighty Max Conquers the Palace of PoisonMighty Max Crushes Clawber
Mighty Max Defeats Vamp BiterMighty Max Defeats the ConquerorMighty Max Escapes From Skull Dungeon
Mighty Max Fights Nuke RangerMighty Max Grapples with Battle CatMighty Max Grips the Hand
Mighty Max Hammers Ax ManMighty Max Head to Head With HydraMighty Max Hounds Werewolf
Mighty Max Lashes LizardMighty Max Liquidates the Ice AlienMighty Max Melts Lava Beast
Mighty Max Neutralises ZomboidMighty Max Out Freaks FreakoMighty Max Outwits Cyclops
Mighty Max Pulverizes Sea SquirmMighty Max Shatters GargoyleMighty Max Shuts Down Cybot
Mighty Max Sinks NautilusMighty Max Slays the Doom DragonMighty Max Squishes Fly
Mighty Max Stings ScorpionMighty Max Storms Dragon IslandMighty Max Strikes Fang
Mighty Max Survives CorpusMighty Max Tangles With LockjawMighty Max Tangles With the Ape King
Mighty Max Terminates Wolfship 7Mighty Max Trapped by ArachnoidMighty Max Trapped in Skull Mountain
Mighty Max Traps RattusMighty Max Versus KronosaurMighty Max Wiki
Monster HeadMort the GravediggerMummy King (Shrunken Head)
NightwingNormanNorman's Conquest
Nuke RangerOctoslimeOut in the Cold
Palace of PoisonPandora's Box, Part 1Pandora's Box, Part 2
Parasite PrincePharaoh PhangProfessor Zygote
Refrigeration UnitRumble in the JungleSaber of Eternity
ScorpionScorpobotSea Serpent
Shrunken HeadSirius TroubleSkull Dungeon
Skull MountainSkull WarriorSkullmaster
SluggonSmasherSnakes and Laddies
Space SurferStone DragonSuper Battle Card Game
Super ToxoformulaThanatosThe Adventures of Mighty Max (video game)
The Axeman ComethThe Brain Suckers Cometh!The Cyberskull Virus
The Maxnificent SevenThe Missing LinkedThe Mother of All Adventures
The Ultimate Adventure GameThe Year of the RatThought Control Center
Tomb of TormentTony JayTorturer
Toxic MineTriceratopsUlcer
Volcano IncubatorWarmongerWerewolves of Dunneglen
Wolfship 7WraptileZomboid
Zygote's Rhythm

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