Lord Lupor
Toy Appearance(s): Terminates Wolfship 7
Cartoon Appearance(s): The Brain Suckers Cometh!
Minion(s): Lieutenant
Weapons: Mind Controller
Voiced By: N/A

Lord Lupor is an enemy of Mighty Max, from the Doom Zone Mighty Max Terminates Wolfship 7.

Biography Edit

Lord Lupor is the commander of a Wolfship 7 pilotted by himself and his lieutenant. They are on a mission to Earth with the intention of using their technology to mind control the population and then enslave it. Max stumbles onto this plan as 

he boards the Wolfship 7 but also gives away his position. In an attempt to catch Max, Lupor’s lieutenant stumbles into him, giving Max a chance to fire a laser into the ship’s hau l and prompt a self-destruct sequence.

Animated SeriesEdit

Lord Lupor and his alien crew appeared in the episode The Brain Suckers Cometh!, but remained unnamed. The ‘Brainsuckers’ are onboard  a ship similar in appearance to the Wo lfship 7. After passing Mars, they destroy a satellite not wanting to “spoil their surprise visit”. Their end goal is unclear but Max, Norman, and Virgil discover a conveyer belt moving seemingly human brains into a large vat. The group discovers a disk contain vital instructions to the Brainsuckers invasion. While attempting to escape with the disk, Virgil and Norman are captured. Max commandeers a shuttlecraft though a Brainsucker stows aboard. On Earth, the Brainsucker stowaway is hit by a truck. The rest of the crew is destroyed when the disk is reprogrammed to have the ship self-destruct.

The Brainsuckers’ appearance is quite similar to their Doom Zone counterparts. Both have the appearance of blue xenomorphs, however their end goals are slightly different.


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