Name: Max
Birthdate: 80s
Age: 13
Affiliation: Max's Team
Title: The Mighty One
Nationality: American
Relatives: Max's Mom
Abilities: Portal Opening, Quick Reflexies and Thinking
Weapon: The Cap, Norman's sword
Voice Actor: Rob Paulsen

Max, also known as Mighty Max, the Mighty One or the Chosen One, is the protagonist of the Mighty Max series.

Max is a rambunctious, mild-mannered, altruistic, understanding, merciful, independent, good-hearted, heroic, trustworthy, daring, mean (sometimes), adventurous, confident, truthful, hard-working, extroverted, mischievous, imaginative, goofy, headstrong, tenacious, fun-loving, optimistic, nice, egotistical (sometimes), thoughtful, helpful, even-tempered, courteous, humble, organized, smart-alecky (sometimes), exuberant, no-nonsense, outgoing, noble, efficient and smart young teenager who is very good at getting out of (and into) trouble. One day, he receives a mysterious package containing a videotape and a red baseball cap with a large, yellow "M" on it. The cap is actually an ancient key to various portals found throughout time and space, and as he soon finds out, Max has been chosen as its bearer and protector. Upon donning the cap, he becomes the Capbearer - the Mighty One. Max soon meets his Lemurian mentor Virgil, a 4-foot-tall creature resembling a chicken, and Norman, a ten-thousand year old Norse warrior who would serve as Max's bodyguard. Lastly, Max meets his arch-enemy Skullmaster, the evil warlord who killed the entire Lemurian race in search of the key. Now Max must protect the key and the portals from Skullmaster, as well as maintain balance in the world. This often means foiling alien plots, defeating evil in all forms, and generally having fun doing it. Max makes clear his reluctance to be the Mighty One, which only seems to get him into trouble and even greater danger. He would rather get on with being a normal everyday kid and play with his friends, but Virgil and the cap leave him with little choice.

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