Another boy by the name of Maximillion is discovered by Virgil as a potential chosen one. With the prophecy being unclear as to which one is the true cap bearer, the two compete in a competition of heroic deeds in order to prove their value. Meanwhile Skullmaster working on infiltrating an ancient city in order to get a hold of the Lemurian Arcana, the most powerful book of spells in the world. Maximillion is revealed to be a spy of Skullmaster designed to get a hold of the cosmic cap in order to activate the portal into the city. Virgil eventually reveals that he moved the book 5,000 years ago at the time of Skullmaster's imprisonment, and is coerced into revealing its location in exchanges for Max's life. Skullmaster, now with the book, leaves through a portal provided by Maximillion. Before Maximillion can go through, he is tackled by Max who manages to steal away the necklace that was controlling him. With Virgil now furious at Max for allowing Skullmaster to have everything he needs to conquer the world, Max reveals that he ripped out several pages from the Arcana while Skullmaster had a hold of him. Skullmaster is furious that his victory is only bitter sweet as he only has half of the book and no cosmic cap in his possession.

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