Mighty Max Caught by the Man-Eater is a Doom Zone with an aquatic theme.


The Man-Eater.


After a freak accident turned Dr. Kalamarus into a squid-like creature, he sought out to destroy all sealife completely. In his madness, he created a large underwater submarine in the shape of a threatening shark, and used various weaponry to strike out at all the creatures of the sea. Max was teleported onto a nearby island, but Kalamarus spotted him quickly, and had his Attack Squids ambush him. Max was able to dodge the pair of squids, having them entangle each other. Kalamarus became increasingly angrier, and decided to both send his Electro Manta at the boy, as well as shoot at him with his Aqua-Blaster. Max made his way into Kalamarus' ship and discovered that Kalamarus was actually a wreck-robber, stealing treasure from sunken ships. Kalamarus, enraged that Max had found out his secret, threw his trident at the boy, but hit his Aqua-Blaster instead, causing an explosion. Max quickly fled the scene on the Electro Manta, while Kalamarus sunk with his ship.


This Doom Zone includes:

  • Max
  • Dr. Kalamarus
  • Electro Manta
  • Two Attack Squids