Mighty Max Conquers the Palace of Poison is a Doom Zone with an Egyptian theme.


The Palace of Poison.


Max suddenly teleports into a large temple, known as the Palace of Poison, and finds a torch on the wall. He uses it for light only to find a Giant Scorpion. He uses the torch to scare the beast off, and heads over to a tomb. He pushes it open to find a skeleton. He looks up to see something shiny at the ceiling, and decides to make his way up. Suddenly, the Mummy King, Venom, appears out of a sarcophogaus, but Max shoves him away and finds the treasure at the top of a snake pillar. He uses a grappling hook and enters the snake's mouth, but the mouth begins to close. Fortunately, Max is teleported to safety just in time.


  • Max
  • Mummy King
  • Giant Scorpion


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