Mighty Max Defeats the Conqueror is a Battle Warrior.


Inside a cave, Norman tells Max that he must fight the Battle Conqueror every hundred years. Max wants to help, but Virgil informs him that Norman must fight alone. Soon after, the Conqueror is gaining the upper hand against Norman, claiming that he is getting "slow and weak." Max decides that he must help him, so he grabs a hover vehicle and flies towards the Conqueror, firing a missle at his direction. This serves as a distraction, enabling Norman to knock the Battle Conqueror's sword from his hands and use it to impale the creature. Max, wondering if Norman had killed the Conqueror, is told by Virgil that the Conqueror is immortal and will return.


This Battle Warrior includes:

  • Max
  • Norman
  • Virgil
  • Battle Conqueror
  • Sword
  • Hover Vehicle
  • Missle


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