Mighty Max Grips the Hand is a Doom Zone with a graveyard theme.


The Tomb of Torment.


At midnight, Max was suddenly teleported into an ancient graveyard, where the evil tree spirit Lignin was summoning the dead back to life. Those who possessed a Scarab Ring suddenly became a zombie and traveled to Lignin's Tomb of Torment. Just as Max contemplated the eerie atmosphere, a Corpse burst from the ground and grabbed Max's leg. More zombies began to appear, but suddenly Max was grabbed by one of Lignin's vines. Max struggled, but was eventually devoured by the tree. However, after sliding down Lignin's throat, Max appeared in a tomb. Lignin appeared outside and followed Max, but the Mighty One quickly grabbed a burning branch and threw it at Lignin, igniting his entire body and ending his evil.


This Doom Zone includes:

  • Max
  • Lignin
  • Corpse