Mighty Max Hounds Werewolf is a Horror Head with a Scottish castle theme.


Max is teleported inside of a deserted castle in Scotland, where Werewolf has taken him prisoner. Trapped in a cage, Max realizes he needs to escape quickly or become a meal for Werewolf's pet Horror Hounds. Werewolf orders the hounds to leave some of Max for him, but Max distracts the hounds with a bone. Max finds his way outside of the castle into a graveyard, with Werewolf and one of the Horror Hounds behind him. He jumps over a grave, and when Werewolf follows, Max smashes him into the ground using the tombstone. Both Werewolf and his Horror Hound are trapped in the grave, leaving Max to escape.


This Horror Head includes:


​  This playset loosely inspires the episode "Werewolves of Dunneglen".