Mighty Max Lashes Lizard 2
Mighty Max Lashes Lizard
is a Doom Zone with a biology theme.


After a long day of fighting evil, Max finds himself on his bed, petting his pet iguana. Suddenly, the lizard grows huge and swallows Max whole. As he slides down the lizard's insides, he discovers it is the work of the Parasite Prince, who made the lizard grow to the size of a house. The Parasite Prince orders his pet Ulcer to kill Max, but Max finds a piece of skeleton and uses it to ricochet the Ulcer's slime onto the Prince. The Prince of Parasites shrieks, and vows to kill Max with his sword. He clumsily swiped his sword in all directions, accidentally decapitating the Ulcer. Max fled, and ran for the Gastric Pit. The Parasite Prince ran after to stop him before he plunged into the pit, and grabbed his legs quickly. Quickly, Max awoken from his sleep, realizing it was all just a dream.


This Doom Zone includes:

  • Max
  • Parasite Prince
  • Ulcer monster