Mighty Max Liquidates the Ice Alien is a Doom Zone with an Arctic theme.


The Ice Alien.


In an unknown tundra, Max finds himself teleported inside, where the ice reads, "Max: think quickly and move fast, or you will soon breathe your last..." Trapped within the ice, Max wonders who captured him. Suddenly, he is introduced to the Cryogenoid, an ice alien of unknown origin. He plans on using Max's brain to complete his creation, the Iceosaurus. The Cryogenoid goes to attack, but trips in the ice. He orders the Iceosaurus to get Max before he reaches the Refrigeration Unit. Max makes it to the unit, and freezes the Iceosaurus. He then grabs a large icicle and throws it at the main computer, causing an explosion which traps the Cryogenoid. Max teleports away just in time.


  • Max
  • Cryogenoid
  • Iceosaurus
  • 2 Alien Heads