Mighty Max Melts Lava Beast is a Battle Warrior playset.


Deep in a fiery cave, Lava Lord plots to kill Max with his Lava Beast, which will leave him free to take out Skullmaster and conquer the world. He schemes with the Lava Beast, but Max finds his way down to Skull Mountain, where he discovers Lava Lord is back. He's suddenly attacked by the Lava Beast, who uses his fist as a missile. Max realizes he has to defeat the Magma Brain on top of the beast, so he pelts him with a rock. Lava Beast, meanwhile, circles Max with the Fireforce Sword. Max steps in a nearby cauldron, which forces lava to pour on Lava Lord and his creature. Max brushes himself off while Lava Lord is encased in hardening lava.


  • Max
  • Lava Lord
  • Lava Beast
  • Fireforce Sword
  • Fingerflick Fist Missile
  • Magma Brain