Mighty Max Shatters Gargoyle, also known as Medi-Evil Mauler, is a Battle Warrior playset.


Medi-Evil Mauler.


The evil Basilisk freed the Medi-Evil Mauler from the granite of Castle Moyne. Max, touring the area, wondered why anyone would want to live around a bunch of gargoyles. Medi-Evil Mauler attacks, alongside the Stone Dragon, also under the command of Basilisk. The Mauler uses the Cobalt Missles on Max, but they miss, and impale the Stone Dragon instead while Max grabs the Knife of Night. As Basilisk joins the battle, Max realizes he should repeat the incantation Basilisk said earlier, only backwards. The Medi-Evil Mauler, hovering over Basilisk, is turned to stone and collapses on his "master."


This Battle Warrior comes with:

  • Max
  • Medi-Evil Mauler
  • Basilisk
  • Stone Dragon
  • Knife of Night
  • Cobalt Missles