Mighty Max Shuts Down Cybot is a Battle Warrior playset.


The evil MegaCorp plans for world domination and unleashes the Cybot and its commander, Cyberskull, on a mission to destroy the earth's databanks. Meanwhile, at his house, Max is watching television when the news broadcasts the Cybot's destruction. Max vows to do something about Cybot and uses a portal to find the wasteland that Cybot has created. Cyberskull knows Max is there, and he orders the Cybot to kill him. Cybot uses its laser eye beams but Max is able to dodge it. Frustrated, Cyberskull leaves the Cybot on his Cybernet Cruiser and attacks Max himself. Max is able to trap the villains in the crossfire of their lasers, defeating Cybot and forcing the creature to use its backlash attack on Cyberskull, cutting him in half.


This Battle Warrior comes with:

  • Max
  • Cyberskull
  • Cybot
  • Ram and Backslash flick'n'fire missle
  • Cybernet Cruiser