Mighty Max Slays the Doom Dragon is a Doom Zone with a medieval theme.


The Doom Dragon.


Max, having just teleported into a dark cavern, notices a message on the wall which reads "Max: the book shall put out the fire." After reading it, he is confronted by Ravendark, grand sorcerer of the powers of night. He plans on using Max as a human sacrifice. Max grabs his slingshot and pelts Ravendark in the face with a pebble. As Max flees, he encounters the Doom Dragon, who breathes fire in attempt to turn Max to toast. Max once again uses his slingshot, distracting the Doom Dragon briefly, but upon orders from Ravendark, it attacks Max again. Max, on a bridge in the cave, grabs a rope as soon as the bridge is destroyed by the dragon's flames. He pulls himself back up to the cliff and finds Ravendark's Book of Doom, tossing it into the sludge below. Since the Book of Doom was the key to Ravendark's powers, the villain explodes and destroys everything around him. Max quickly teleports away to his next adventure.


This Doom Zone comes with:

  • Max
  • Ravendark
  • Doom Dragon