Mighty Max Squishes Fly is a Doom Zone with an insect theme.


The Fly.


After a series of disappearances, Max teleports inside the lair of the villainous Fly, a vampire creature who has kidnapped several humans in order to power his Thought Control Center. As soon as Max appears before him, Fly reveals he had been waiting for the Mighty One, and attacks him with his pet Drax. Max is captured by Drax and notices a group of people caught in a web. Fly attempts to use his Hypnotron mind-control device on Max, and Max pretends to be hypnotized. Fly then shoots his "web of despair" at Max, but he moves away, forcing the webbing to hit the Hypnotron, as well as Drax. Max runs from Fly, and uses a nearby gun to free the victims that Fly had captured. From outside, Max uses the weapon to shoot down Fly's spacecraft, ending his threat.


This Doom Zone comes with:

  • Max
  • Fly
  • Drax
  • Robot Fly Weapon