Mighty Max Stings Scorpion is a Doom Zone with a toxic theme.


Sting's Scorpion.


Max is suddenly teleported into a toxic chemical mine owned by Skullmaster. He is greeted by one of Skullmaster's minions, Scorpion, the keeper of the mine. Riding atop his pet robot scorpion, Scorpobot, Scorpion attempts to grab Max. However, Max is quickly able to dodge out of the way, climbing onto Scorpobot and kicking Scorpion off of it. From afar, Scorpion orders Scorpobot to strike at Max, but Max dodges and Scorpobot ends up stinging itself. Scorpion then sends out the Grabbatron, two giant pincers he wishes to use to kill Max. Max easily climbs up the Grabbatron and makes his way to Scorpion, threatening to throw the Super Toxoformula on him. This diverts Scorpion's attention, and allows Max to grab him with the Grabbatron. Max teleports out, having defeated his enemy.


This Doom Zone includes:

  • Max
  • Scorpion
  • Scorpobot
  • Grabbatron


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