Mighty Max Strikes Fang is a Battle Warrior playset.


Pharaoh Phang.


The story begins with Venom, the Mummy King, bringing the ancient cobra-headed God, Pharaoh Phang, to life. He orders Phang to destroy the Mighty One, Max. Meanwhile, sight-seeing in Egypt, Max is reading about Pharaoh Phang when all of a sudden, the ground begins to shake. Max thinks it's an earthquake, but guesses again when Phang attacks him. He is able to dodge Phang, but Venom appears and attempts to push Max into a pit of snakes. Max, having learned to hypnotize from Virgil, charms the snakes. Suddenly, a missle is launched and crashes into Phang, destroying him.


This Battle Warrior comes with:

  • Max
  • Venom
  • Pharaoh Phang
  • Saber of Eternity
  • Whiplash Tail
  • Fingerflick Viper Missle

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