thumb|400px|link=File:Lek_mightymax_wave1_skullmountain02.jpgMighty Max Trapped in Skull Mountain is a large playset with a treasure island theme.


Max finds himself trapped in Skull Mountain, deep in the midst of Skull Master's lair. He finds a message written on a cave wall stating: "Max: The Skull Master controls your fate, avoid the traps that lie in wait, battle his beasts, escape their jaws, the Crystal of Souls will then be yours." Max slowly ascends Skull Mountain dodging Giant Crabs and Skeleturtles. Skull Master escapes to the peak with his V.T.O. Hover Pod while Max travels with the Hammerhead Shark Sub to the Skelevator. After defeating Skull Master's henchmen; the Rock Monsters and Warmonger, Max finally confronts his mortal enemy who reveals his true form. 


The playset and figurines.

  • Max
  • Skull Master
  • Warmonger
  • The Rock Monster
  • Giant Crab
  • Skeleturtle
  • Double-Dragon
  • V.T.O. Hover Pod
  • Hamerhead Shark Sub

Notes Edit

  • The accompanying story comic portrays Skull Master as a bald man in a cape, but who is really a living skeleton.



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