Mighty Max Traps Rattus 4
Mighty Max Traps Rattus
is a Doom Zone with a sewer theme.


In his scheme to plague the world, the evil Rattus has begun operating from the sewer system, along with a group of giant, mutated drain creatures. While Max is walking above ground, he is suddenly pulled under from the sewers, and caught in the grasp of the Arak Nid spider. Max is able to break free of the spider's grip, but is encountered by Rattus himself, who traps him in a cage. He explains his plans to Max, who is not impressed. He uses his Slingshot to pelt a rock at Rattus's controls, which sends Max into the ground with a bunch of rats. He finds the Sewer Plague Vehicle that Rattus has been using to pollute the sewers, and sprays the Arak Nid with it. As the Arak Nid begins to melt, Max drives the machine into Rattus and jumps from the vehicle, leaving Rattus to his demise.


This Doom Zone includes:

  • Max
  • Rattus
  • Arak Nid
  • Sewer Plague Vehicle