Pandora's Box, Part 1
Episode #: 2.01
Airdate: September 5, 1994
Written by: Rob Hudnut
Directed by:
Based On: Mighty Max Trapped in Skull Mountain

Mighty Max Blasts Magus

Pandora's Box Part 1 is the fourteenth episode of the Mighty Max Animated Series. The episode was written by ---- and originally aired September 5, 1994.


At Skull Mountain, a group of Lava Beasts suddenly stop working under a group of Rock Monsters and walk to a wall where a humanoid figure has been carved. Suddenly it explodes revealing Lava Lord, the original ruler of the center of the Earth who Skullmaster imprisoned. With the Crystal of Souls destroyed in the previous episode, he has come back to life and starts plotting revenge.

On the surface, Max is goofing around with Felix when he receives another call from Virgil. Max is starting to resent how being the Mighty One is keeping him from being just Max. Virgil agrees if he completes one last mission--striking at Skullmaster while he's weakened from the loss of the crystal--Max can go back to being an ordinary kid. He also forces Max to agree to a promise that Virgil won't specify.

Once in Skull Mountain they find an army of monsters awaiting them, and while trying to get past Virgil is captured. As Max and Norman prepare to make a stand a group of Lava Beasts come by in a boat and save them, taking them before Lava Lord. He unveils the weapon with which he plans to get revenge on Skullmaster, the giant robot Magus.

Meanwhile, Skullmaster confronts Virgil and asks for his allegiance: it's prophesized that the two of them will die together, but if they work together perhaps they can thwart destiny. Soon after Skullmaster martials his forces and goes after Max and Norman, with Virgil leading the attack...