Parasite Prince
Toy Appearance(s): Geela Guts
Cartoon Appearance(s): N/A
Minion(s): Ulcer
Weapons: None
Voiced By: N/A

The Parasite Prince is an enemy of Mighty Max, from the Doom Zone Mighty Max Lashes Lizard.


The obese Prince of Parasites plotted to feast on Max by having his pet iguana grow to the size of a house and swallow the Mighty One. An enormous creature with several tentacles extending from his body, the Parasite Prince ordered his Ulcer minion to use its toxic slime on Max as soon as he was dropped to his chambers. However, it backfired and sprayed onto the Prince's face instead. Flustered, the Prince of Parasites accidentally cut off the Ulcer's head with his sword. Max began to run, and the Prince followed behind, warning him of the Gastric Pit which laid ahead. Max jumped off, but the Parasite Prince grabbed him before he hit the acid. Suddenly, it was revealed Max was dreaming. It is unknown if the Parasite Prince exists or is just a figment of Max's imagination.