Toy Appearance(s): Stings Scorpion
Cartoon Appearance(s): Scorpio Rising
Minion(s): Scorpobot
Weapons: Grabbatron
Voiced By: Charles Kimbrough

Scorpion is an enemy of Mighty Max, from the Doom Zone Mighty Max Stings Scorpion.


One of Skullmaster's minions, Scorpion is the keeper of the Toxic Mine. He commands his Scorpobot a giant, scorpion robot which he rides around on. As soon as Max teleports inside his chamber, Scorpion vows to bring him to his master. Max dodges Scorpion's attacks and climbs atop the Scorpobot, knocking Scorpion off of it. The Scorpobot ends up stinging and destroying itself. Scorpion immediately makes his way to the Grabbatron, two robotic pincers, and attacks Max. Max is able to get on the Grabbatron, threatening Scorpion with his own Toxoformula. Fearful, Scorpion falls back, straight into the grip of the Grabbatron. Max teleports away while Scorpion is trapped between the pincers.

Animated SeriesEdit

Scorpion appeared in the episode Scorpio Rising, named Dr. Bob Scorpio. He was voiced by Charles Kimbrough.



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