Werewolves of Dunneglen
Episode #: 1.11
Airdate: November 21, 1993
Written by: Mark Zaslove, John Cawley
Directed by:
Based On: Mighty Max Hounds Werewolf

Werewolves of Dunneglen is the eleventh episode of the Mighty Max Animated Series. The episode was written by ---- and originally aired November 21, 1993.


Max, Virgil, and Norman travel to Scotland where there are reported sightings of werewolves. While there, Norman and Virgil are imprisoned as suspects and Max meets a man named Cameron who turns out to be a werewolf. Max and Cameron investigate and learn that a scientist named Professor MacDougal is stealing the blood of natural werewolves in an effort to turn herself into an even more powerful werewolf and steal their immortality in the process. Max and Cameron defeat MacDougal with the help of the other werewolves and Cameron takes his pack into the forest to live in peace.